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Diagram Platform Branding & Illustrations

Diagram driven platform for online collaboration between teams.

  • Logo Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Illustrations
  • UX Consultancy

Archbee is a small start-up that offers a web-based platform focusing on gathering, structuring and sharing knowledge base within small and large organizations.



Right off the bat, this was a collaborative project between my self and another designer, Nicu Balan.

The main function of the platform at hand was to connect two or more separate points in order to give a complete contour to an idea or a solid piece of knowledge. To achieve this aspect within a logomark I went on and decompose the name ARCHBEE and connected the two main letters A and B within a continuous communication loop but also keep the detail of the second part of the word "Bee" by giving it sharp edges and comb shape.

Initially, the wordmark was comprised of an edgy sans-serif which did not give it that extra personality which the client wanted & it was changed and tweaked to fit client needs by Nicu Balan.


The initial look and feel of the illustrations was designed by Nicu Balan.

My task in this project was to update the exiting illustrations with recent requests from the client and also to design and extend while keeping the look and feel of the new illustrations based on content.

Next to each illustration you can find the context and theme of each illustration.

Alex has a rare combination between an outstanding aesthetic sense and very good user interactions research skills. We’ve worked together to bring Archbee to life, and every time I’ve asked for help he has offered more than I expected. I def recommend Alex as a complete modern designer who can help your company craft great user experiences.

Founder & Software Developer


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