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Electric Car Dashboard

A design experiment towards electric car dashboard functionality

  • User Interface Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience

This project was a result of a design hackathon which was organized inside of a company I've worked on.

The theme of the hackathon was to choose a car dashboard and revamp it from both functional point of view in which improvements could be added but also update the visual expression while still keeping the existing branding.

Out of the 8 designers I personally chose Tesla due to its new perspective and also the futuristic and constraining environment.

Due to time constraints (6 hours) and the limitations of the other car models picked by the colleagues I redesigned only the dashboard and not the center console.


& restrictions

My personal challenge in all of this project but also my strongest point I think was the fact that I do not like cars. My perception of cars is a fast means of transport which takes me from point A to point B nothing more.

This helped me research and understand concepts about what a normal car should indicate in the dashboard and what an electric car should. Basically I had to learn what each icon on the dashboard means.

My first concern was of course navigation, wanting to remove the need of 2 separate screens for car information and actual navigation help, other devices like Waze on a mobile phone or even and dedicated device stuck on top of the dashboard forcing the driver to have to look in 3 places: road, dashboard and device


& collaborators
Liviu Maxim
Sebastian Tudor

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